How (and why) to register PaneKiller

New: register online via a secure web server! See below for details.

Welcome to MaDdoG PaneKiller. It's the quickest way to get to all the documents and programs stored on your computer, without filling your screen with folder windows.

PaneKiller is shareware. Please try it free for 30 days. At the end of a month, if you've decided it makes your computing life easier, you're required to pay for it (see below for registration information). If you aren't hooked on it, delete it -- or pass it on to a friend.

For help or support regarding PaneKiller, please contact For other quality Windows freeware and shareware, or updates to PaneKiller, visit the MaDdoG website at

Registration information

PaneKiller is shareware. I've worked hard to create it and I want to continue to update it to better serve its users' needs. Please register! Your registration fee supports and encourages me to continue to produce high-quality Windows software, and your feedback enables me to improve PaneKiller over time.

You are entitled to a free 30-day trial of PaneKiller. After this period, if you want to continue to use it, you must purchase it -- if you consider the price too high, don't continue to use it. To purchase PaneKiller, run the registration program by right-clicking the PaneKiller icon, and choosing "Register" from the "Shareware registration" menu.  (Or run REGISTER.EXE from the PaneKiller directory.)  Other possible registration methods are discussed below.

When you register, I will send you a confirmation code that will mark your copy of PaneKiller as properly licensed.

Alternate registration methods:

About the shareware concept

Shareware is a distribution method intended to help both computer users and independent software publishers. The idea is, you get to try out the software before you buy it, and then make your purchase decision. You benefit, because you don't waste money on software that doesn't meet your needs, and programmers benefit because they get easy distribution of their software. Much quality software has been created and supported through the shareware method.

Thank you for supporting the shareware you use with registration payments! Otherwise, the world would lack a good outlet for the distribution of independent software.

PaneKiller registration information
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